QUVI was created early our freshman year when we noticed that we had no real way of cleaning our reusable water bottles and as a result, they would have a terrible smell and even have mold growing on them sometimes

QUVI was created by 3 UNC students. Scroll down to learn more about the team and watch the video to learn more about QUVI.


Harshul Makwana

Co-Founder & CEO

Harshul is currently pursuing a double major in computer science and business administration. As a tech enthusiast, he engages with engineers and product specialists to refine QUVI. When he’s not obsessing over technology, Harshul enjoys watching basketball and painting. 

Kush Jain

Co-founder & CFO

A sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill studying Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, Kush has a love for sports and the outdoors. additionally, kush is passionate about food and loves experimenting while cooking.


Alekhya Majety

Co-Founder & CMO

A pre-med student at UNC-Chapel Hill studying Neuroscience and Entrepreneurship. Alekhya has a love for animals and is passionate about serving the rural communities of North Carolina.


Tech Lead & Engineering Intern

A dedicated engineer and intern at QUVI who has been working with the company for 2 years. He works on all tech-related projects from videos to product design. Outside of QUVI, he likes to play professional piano, play basketball, and code.



Marketing Intern

Harshi is a passionate creative marketing intern at QUVI.  She helps with marketing the product, web designing, and research.  She enjoys tutoring young children, learning more about business, and doing art.